Sporty me, I like it! Since I started Personal Body Plan I exercise four times per week. It takes a lot of time, especially when you have two fulltime jobs and a social life haha! Once a week a run 4 miles in the open air, where this look from Röhnisch perfectly satisfies my needs! I love to run between big industrial buildings, it makes me feel like I can “run” the world! During the other three days of the week I work out in the gym. As I said it takes a lot of time and therefore I need to be pretty flexible with my schedule. But the feeling I get after every work out is just great! That feeling of reaching my goal with every training day.

About the look

Working out in clothing that makes you wanna run a marathon is worth to mention. I love the design of the look, it’s a little more special then most of the sport clothing. And most importent, it’s so comfy! The pink accents are really an eye catcher. You can use this outfit during night time as well, because of the light reflective stripes. Awesome!

Top Röhnisch | Sport tights Röhnisch | Shoes Nike | Flask Dopper 

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