In the last week of 2016 I’ve met this amazing lady. She’s a really good photographer from London. When she wrote me an email if we could meet to take some pictures, I didn’t doubt for a sec when I saw her work! It’s really funny because I’ve never been photographed by another photographer. I do a lot with other bloggers, but it’s not the same! Both are good, but the big encountered difference is that bloggers focus solely on the fashion part and a photographer takes in the environment as well. I really felt honored as a photographer myself.

About the look

When I was in the Costes store this white blouse with cute little dots caught my eye. ‘Yes you are going home with me!’ Is what I said hihi. I wear it with a velvet top also from the Costes. My new grey coat is from Kings of Indigo. A brand with a lot of amazing basic and good jeans! The detail shots have turned out great too! The watch came from Berlin and is from Lilienthal. It’s one of my favorite cities, so definitely a great match if you ask me! ;)

Top & blouse Costes Fashion | Coat Kings of Indigo | Jeans Mango | Bag YSL Shoes Michael Kors Watch Lilienthal Berlin

Photo credit: Ellah Photography