A new sport look and new motivation to work as hard as you can to get closer to your goals! Believe me, some mornings my motivation is out to travel the world and I have the feeling it won’t be back for a year. But sometimes you just have to create that new motivation for yourself. JD Sports helped a little by showing me these amazing clothes!

I have a couple of ways, which help me get myself up and fight all the dragons, demons and mountains that are called work outs! I recently started switching up my work out routine. It used to be being in the gym three or four days a week. Now I’ve decided to go rollerblading, run for a few kilometers or I’m doing barré. Doing all these different kinds of activities keep me from getting stuck in a rut.


“A perfect new

Related these photos, is getting a new sports outfit. I love to buy myself new sport outfits. It somewhat of a reward of the hard work I put into it. All that working out gives me the feeling all the other outfits are getting old, so it’s kind of an excuse to buy new clothes. Depends on how you look at it haha! I’m giving you an impression about what JD Sports can offer you. They have so much choice in so many different brands! Adidas, Nike, The North Face, and many many more!

Photo credits: Karien Anne