Last week I’ve stayed at this amazing little boutique hotel in my new town Zaandam! Our home isn’t finished yet and we still haven’t moved. That’s why I’m staying in a hotel when going to our new house to prepare things for the big move. I hope Mellow (my cat) is going to be alright. I can tell she’s being really stressed out lately. Upcoming weekend it’s time to load up the trucks, bring everything to our new apartment and settle down.


About the hotel

Manzo suites has beautiful lofts with even a bath in it! That might not sound so special, but the bathtub is right in your room instead of a separate bathroom. The design of the hotel is a perfect match with everything I love. As you can see in the photos the hotel has some amazing minimalistic elements. They have a beautiful shower with an awesome closing glass made sliding door, the sink, loved the bed and just to mention it again that bathtub. In the morning we got roomservice and had the Champions Breakfast. A really nice start of the day with different kinds of bread, toppings, egg, fresh fruit, fresh OJ and coffee!

The staff members of the hotel were really nice. We came in a bit early so our room wasn’t prepared yet. So they brought in extra help and it was fixed within a few minutes. The ladies at the reception desk took their time to tell us a all about the environment of Zaanstad and Amsterdam, where to go, how long it would take etc.

So If you’re nearby Zaandam, go check it out!

Manzo Suites