OMG, it’s so cold outside. The winter is here for sure now! Today I’m in Amsterdam for some meetings and my Colmar coat is keeping me warm. I love that I only live 15 minutes apart from the city center, all those pretty canals with their beautiful houses. Can’t get enough of it!

About the look

I’m wearing my (new) oldschool Vans tshirt underneath my Colmar coat. I really like how they bring al those old school brands back to the fashion world again! You can wear it with everything, that’s so great about basics.

Let me tell you something awesome about the coat. It’s perfect for the unpredictable winter weather like here in the Netherlands! This coat has adjustable and I call them ‘heat-pockets’, You can switch the differently colored coat lining to the weather conditions. This means you can adapt the piece to the weather in a practical and quick way. The water-repellent coating completes this item, so you will arrive to your destination dry and well!

Coat Colmar | Top Vans | Jeans Asos | Bag YSL | Shoes Sacha Shoes 

Photo credits: Karien Anne