This summer has been busy and there have been only a few moments where I took a chill pill. A few moments I enjoyed the sun, went tanning or got out for a drink. So I’ve decided to schedule some Es-Me-time! In the upcoming weeks, there will be no meetings, no preparations for my blog or just anything that has to do with work.

Does it sound familiar that you can’t find your pause button? Points where you keep on going, when you actually need to take your time and (now I’m going to sound really corny) enjoy the little things! In the upcoming two weeks you won’t be seeing much of me, because I’m going offline and take some well deserved rest. I think we should do this a lot more, today’s society is all about performance and responsibilities keep on stacking. Therefor we need plan to more rest days, even if it’s nights after work.

For this shoot I still wanted clean backgrounds. And on the beach you can’t find any peaceful locations, especially with hot weather conditions. So I’ve decided to shoot this on my way to the beach with my gear from Zaful! It’s on a parking lot from Ikea! Ikea is good for so many things haha!

Bikini Zaful | Hat H&M | Bag Zaful | Shoes DKNY | Plaid Zaful