Good Sunday Morning! When I was scrolling through my photos I suddenly saw this shoot and I totally forgot to post it! When my girl Lily and I where in Serbia for Fashion Week we shot a lot of outfits! And talking about Lily, this week we’re going to London!

What I love about city trips is that you can experience other’s cultures, meet new people and discover new cities in a short amount of time. Now we’re going to London and the cultural differences with the Netherlands isn’t that big. But I can work on my English, which is always a positive thing to do!

About the look

I love striped tops. The closet is already popping out with all the strips hihi! With this nice weather we can wear culottes everyday! The sun has landed in the Netherlands and also Groningen. I must say I’m not complaining about the weather a bit. Temperatures are great for wearing everything. This is great for all my black and white outfits, since black is way too hot when the sun’s at burning temperatures. So therefore I’m showing this look when I was in my Zara mood.

Top Zara | Culottes Zara | Bag Michael Kors | Shoes DKNY Watch Fjord Timepieces

Photo credit: Hashtagbylily