It’s weekend and that means time to spend some Qtime with your besties, go out and cozy dinner parties! Since I’m not the type that celebrates every weekend with alcohol, Crodino is a great solution! It’s a non-alcoholic aperitif, the most consumed and the most famous one in Italy. It has a unique and appetizing taste, obtained from an extract still produced according to the traditional recipe. They say they’re an aperitif, but I can drink it all day.


Crodino on it’s own is a really nice beverage, but you can blend it as well. There’s a cocktail I really like and I thought why not share that recipe with all of you. This cocktail is refreshing and you can make this a virgin drink or with alcohol.

Preparation per glass:

-50 ml crodino
-10 ml lime juice
-40 ml pear juice
-5 mint leaves
-Longdrink glass full of ice

And if you want to lose the viriginity, add 30 ml of vodka to it!
That’s all and you and you’re friends have a great cocktail to enjoy.