I’m a newbie in the big Yoga World. But I like it so far! There is so much to learn, so much different kinds of Yoga’s and Yoga poses. Zalando has a great Yoga project at the moment “We love Yoga!“, where you can learn tips and tricks.

I will help you with the start! So what do you need for your first lesson?

-Yoga outfit

I’m just telling you this, because I’m that type of person who forgot one of these basics. As a beginner myself I’m just trying out which type of Yoga suits me best. Next week I’ll try Bikram Yoga. This is literally steaming hot Yoga. Do you want to know more about the best Yoga start? Visit the Yoga starterskit at the Zalando website.

About the look

At Zalando you will find a look for every occasion. There are so many different brands to choose from. So what are you going to wear to your favorite Yoga studio? I chose for an Ivi Park top and tights from Onzie. But the most important is, that you wear something comfortable. Because you don’t want to feel your clothes itching or being to tight when your in a difficult Yoga pose, when you’re supposed to be all Zen(hahah!)

Top Ivy Park | Tights Onzie | Shoes Adidas

Photo credit: Oscar Risamena