The Collector’s Fair is the event of this year, where you can meet fellow vintage lovers and find the best vintage items! There will be enough cosy terraces to have a seat and show your winnings of the day.

I always have been a vintage and pre-loved items fan. When I was little my mom brought me with her at thrift shops and vintage fairs. When you find something special it really gives me the happiest feeling on earth! These fairs are always so much fun! It can take some time before you find that exact item you were looking for, but sometimes you can find some real surprises. On the picture you see a few of my vintage items. A Ikea wirechair from the Eighties, designed by Niels Gammelgaard. My old liquor table (painted it Matt black) en of course my designer vintage Chanel bag! The old camera I found in Marrakech, in a cute little vintage store!


Saterday 11th & Sunday 12th november 2017 – Jaarbeurs | Utrecht

Twice a year the international Collector’s Fair is the spot with the best assortment for lovers of antiques, vintage items and second-hand products. The Jaarbeurs offers so much space, that it’s divided into five halls. There will be over 2000 participants. There will be separate sections for toys, furniture, archaeology fifties objects and many more sections. The fair will be on the Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of November, be there! For more information, about the fair, visit the website: click here!

My vintage Levi’s jeans is one of my favorite treasures. I custom made it at Andagain! They design and create inspiring, stand out fashion pieces from vintage, second hand and forgotten denim. And now you can design your own through their website!

How to spot the best vintage treasures?

1. Know what you want!
It’s important to think about what you want before you go to a vintage fair. It helps you scan a lot better!
2. Be the first one at the fair
The first ones get the best items. With vintage items you only have an unique piece of everything. That’s the beauty about it! When it’s an open event without tickets, I always go a little early!
3. Go often
You don’t always have to buy anything, but it’s a day fun spent.
4. Be prepared to dig
Then you will find the best items!
5. Check the material/ state
Not every item has the same state and good quality.
6. Anticipate on surprises
Sometimes the best treasures are the ones you didn’t look for.
7. Only buy favorites
Otherwise your whole home is going to be full at the end of the year haha!