A few days ago my boyfriend (also known as my personal photographer :P) and I made a trip to Berlin, as you may have seen on Instagram/ Snapchat/ Facebook. We stayed at Lux11. It was my boyfriend’s first time at this hotel and my second! Last year Lian (@Fashionhoax) and I also stayed in Lux11. It was such a nice stay last time, that we chose Lux11 again!

This time we stayed at one of the apartment suites. These suites were roomy and beautifully designed! As you can see there’s a small wall with a TV (both sides) to separate the living area and the bed/ bathroom.

This apartment even had a kitchen in it with all the equipment you need to cook for yourself! We had plans to cook and have a romantic, candlelight, sweet background music dinner for two.. But silly us totally forget about it and ate out the door.

Below I’ve written down my top 3 have important things hotels have to provide:

1, A powerful shower! Blast me away with your hot beams!
2, The bed. Everyone’s opinion is different, but I need a sturdy mattress to rest on.
3, Breakfast, nothing beats a delicious breakfast in the morning!

At the Lux11 they had a (1) waterfall shower that covered me completely. So check! I’m a huge fan of Auping mattresses. I don’t know what kind of mattress lays on this bed(2), but it was really good. Check number two. Type Hype next door provided the need for the breakfast(3)! They are a separate company from Lux11, but you can arrange breakfast at the hotel for the next morning. They have a delicious all organic breakfast ready for you! A big plus was Lux11’s bathrobe I could snuggle after my hot shower sessions!