Groningen, my hometown. The city were I grew up and where I developed myself as a photographer and blogger. A few months ago, my boyfriend and I moved to Zaandam, to live closer to Amsterdam. The city where you have to be when you’re a creative mind. Once in a while I travel back to Groningen to visit my family and friends. So that’s what I did last weekend. It’s a great opportunity to discover the hotel life in Groningen.

This time I spend the weekend at the Apollo hotel. Still a bit of a newbie in Groningen, but really popular! The buiding is pretty modern with on the outside beautiful stripes and on the inside it’s filled up with cute corners and a lot of modern art. When we arrived in our room, we found a cute little bowl with the ingredients for a cocktail and if we bring it tot he bar they would love to make the cocktail for us! So that’s what we did, and it was delicious! What a clever way to bring your guests to the bar, where you can talk and connects with your guests.

The room was really spacious with an extra floor. There were so many windows, as a photohrapher I love much light in a hotel room.The windows where from floor to the ceiling, giving it a beautiful aspect to the view. And last but definitely not least, the room was black & white!


In the morning we enjoyed the extensive variety in choices for breakfast. The restaurant/bar is very pretty and really trendy. So when you are planning a trip to Groningen, this hotel is really a good choice!