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Let’s talk about basics. We’re almost starting a new season, so you’re probably looking at your wardrobe and ask yourself what you want to keep this season and what to toss out. At least that’s what I do. So here’s a little advice for all you fashion lovers. As you can see in this outfit post it’s all about basics. Everyone should have their own in their closets!

1. A simple (white/black/grey) colbert, you can find similar over here!
2. A black (flare)jeans.
3. White sneakers (These are from Michael Kors)

Basics are the essentials for any outfit, when going out the door on casual friday, a semi-formal day at the office or just a day hanging out with friends and family! So don’t throw everything out, but take a minute and see what combinations you can create with your current wardrobe!

 Photo credit: Fashionhoax

Colbert | Zara (similar)
Trousers | H&M (similar)
Shoes | Michael kors