In the last few months I have been swooshing around on my Luxblog X Peugeot scooter. And I want to share my experience with you! Since I’ve been living in Zaandam, I wanted to have a way around town independently from public transportation. Being in Amsterdam four days a week, makes everything with having a scooter a lot easier. Now I don’t have to wait for the tram or metro, but just hop on the saddle and there we go!


About the scooter

A really comfortable and easy to use scooter. Before I had the Peugeot Django, I wasn’t that familiar with riding a scooter. It felt reliable after the first run. Django fit’s in the category of retro models. The details are marvelous, with it’s small spoke tires, flashy dashboard and spacious buddyseat. He’s a little bigger than your average retro scooter, but this makes  it fantastic in stability and seat space when riding around with an extra passenger. I’d call it a scooty with a booty!

Photo credits: Oscar Risamena