After two years of blogging my closest really needs a clean up! Once in a while I’m selling my clothes and accessoires at a blogger closet sale in my home town Groningen. I’m addicted to fashion and sometimes and guilty if you call me a real impulse buyer. A lot of items are just hanging there sad, lonely and some even have the tags still on them. But maybe you can cheer them up and wear them a lot more than me! These outfits are a sneak preview, but I will be selling a lot more items! There will be 200+, so for everyone, every style and a match! I’m a real pre-loved fashion lover myself. I own a lot of items that I scored at thriftshops or at designer vintages stores!

For the first time I will drive all the way to the Hallen in Amsterdam with all my clothes! I’ll be selling my items at the Tradono Pre-Loved Market on the 28th of August, that’s next Sunday! Mark that date in your calendar and be there! Several bloggers and fashion lovers will attend who are also selling their fashion items. Will I see you there? It would be amazing to finally meet some of my followers in real life!


Time: 12 – 17.30
Place: Hallen Amsterdam

Make sure to join the Facebook event here and invite your friends!