A few days ago I found out about Westwing and signed myself in on their website. It’s a special website that sells discount items for really low prices. So now I receive awesome mails with great deals everyday! When I saw the Present Time campaign I just fell in love!

Started as Kaleidoscope and Clockwork. Both brands fused and became: Present Time! A brand that needs to be in your household. Present Time is focused on the whole interior of your home. They offer a wide collection of design furniture, kitchenware, home accessories and so much more! All their products have a high usability standard and come with easy to use shapes. So simple, yet so unique.

Present Time brings a smile on my face, kind of easy when I buy new decorations for my home, since I love straight forward items, little retro and basic colors. My whole house is filled with basic color items, candles, posters, cacti etc. So with a new brand to buy, my grim goes from cheek to cheek!

The fun thing about the brand is that they keep innovating, searching worldwide for new inspiration, new products and to find new designer talents. That might be their secret weapon to keep our constantly growing demand for new and improved items. That they set the trend instead of staying behind.

At this point of my life, I’m glad I found a new brand for interior since me and my BF are ready to move to Amsterdam. New possibilities, new environment and new interior! Yeah! My boyfriend let’s me arrange all the interior, because he doesn’t really mind what in our house. (As long as it isn’t to girly or too many small items). Well fine by me! I won’t mind at all!

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