The American dream, where everyone can make it to the top and be successful. If I’d pick a place in America that I would love to visit the most, it’s New York. I’m dreaming of the beautiful streets, the sky scraping buildings, the people. Just as busy as me, you know  the 24/7 work-a-holic types. It just seems so magical to me!


About the look

America Today made a selection of 25 typical American Icons. Items that you can always find in the stores, online and represent America Today. Every month they highlight one item and this month it’s the Crewneck Sweatshirt! When the moment arrives, when I hop on a plane to fly to NYC, I’ll definitely wear the America Today crewneck! Just to show people, I’m excited for a trip to America. Today I’m wearing it casually. The classic crewneck was invented for athletes in the 1920’s. An American football player, Benjamin Russel from the University of Alabama, spend his days on the field in discomfort causes by sweating in woolen fabric. One day he invented a more comfortable, cooler all-cotton version of the sweat and that’s how the first crewneck sweatshirt was born! How awesome! And guess what, you learned something new today, yeah awesome!

Hopefully you’ll see me announce a trip to NYC soon, but first I’m going to Lanzarote (which is also a great leisure destination).

Crewneck Sweat America Today | Jeans Monki | Bag Michael Kors Shoes Adidas

Photo credits: Oscar Risamena