Last week my boyfriend and I went to Copenhagen to celebrate NYE. You may have seen some photos of Copenhagen on my Instagram already. But here you’ll see me getting my work out mode on!

I’ve been out of the game for a few weeks, because I had small back injury. That’s why I wanted to pick up my Personal Body Plan schedule again in Copenhagen. I went to the Urban Park in Nørrebro, where I ran a few laps and did some own weight exercises. It was quite difficult to start with PBP again, because getting the injury mid holidays with all the nice food and many excuses to celebrate the festive days made me gain a few grams on the scale.

Starting lightly with the exercises again, makes me feel more comfortable in my skin again. When not focussing (enough) on my food intake or being able to exercise, makes me feel insecure about my body immediately.

So that’s why I’m happy that I can work out and focus on PBP again, which also helps me control my food fetish haha! 

Sweater ChampionThights FRVR

Photo credits: Oscar Risamena