I’m one of the lucky ladies who may test the YourPhotoMag app. It’s a concept where you can upload your mobile photos into a glossy magazine and it’s done in just 5 minutes! Do you want to know more and get an awesome deal?

YourPhotoMag’s magazine just arrived in the mail last weekend. I decided to suprise my boyfriend with this photo magazine with pictures of our citytrips we did last year.

The pictures came out great and my boyfriend loved it! The pictures that I uploaded to the app where made with my iPhone of our trips to Berlin, London, Bali and Antwerp. The photo’s are beautiful and now we have a beautiful magazine full of memories!

You can get a magazine yourself as well. YourPhotoMag made a special offer when you click the link below. Now your ‘YourPhotoMag’ will only cost €3,95 instead of €8,95. 

Other possibilities are that you subscribe for a monthly or quarterly issue of your own photos! To get 12 issues per year, prices are €5,95 per month. When you subscribe for 4 issues, then you receive the magazines for €7,45.

I chose for the 12 issue package, so I can’t wait for next month’s magazine to arrive in the mailbox.